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Cremation Urn Palls and Church Paraments


   "Clothed with Glory"
   liturgical art celebrating end of life
Winter 2018, new Ecommerce website!  Additional urn pall and chaplain stole sets available but not shown on this website.  Please inquire.

The cremation urn pall and funeral textile paraments series title is taken from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Funeral Service liturgy, published by Augsburg Fortress. Words are spoken during the funeral service as the liturgical textile urn pall is placed over the cremation urn by family members, pallbearers, or assisting ministers. 

Cremation Urn Palls  

Cremation urn palls are modern church paraments made out of fabric, which are used in funeral services at a Christian church, services at a funeral home, or a care facility chapel.  An urn pall covers the cremation urn, as a casket pall would cover a casket; treating every Christian equally, no matter the cost of the casket or cremation urn.  (being seen as all are equal in God's eyes).  The urn pall is also a sign of being clothed with Christ as in baptism.

Current research indicates the use of seasonal liturgical colors as appropriate for urn palls.
The painted fabric palls for cremation urns are handmade and handpainted with prayer, joy, light, hope, and dynamic designs appropriate to funeral symbol traditions and personal interpretation.  As with the clergy stole style of painting, rich metallic fabric paints are used on a linen weave fabric.  Brushstrokes and layering are evident. By placing the artwork on the corner of the pall, the art visually invites the viewer into the piece and into the funeral service liturgy.  All designing, fabric painting, and sewing is done by Chillon.  Non denominational art work for spiritual services is also available.

Cremation / funeral urn palls are suitable to purchase for memorial gifts, altar guild or worship committee purchases, institutional needs, funeral homes, or as family heirlooms. 

                                Placing an order

Choose one or more cremation urn pallscontact Chillon by email inquiry  or  call (651) 649-1519.  I will then get your mailing information, and immediately send the urn pall to you by insured USPS.  This cost will be added to your pall's price (currently between $6 - $18 depending on destination).  Overnight delivery is more expensive.  If you like the urn pall, keep it and send a personal check or money order to me at the address shown on the enclosed receipt.  If the cremation urn pall doesn't fit your needs, return to me via insured USPS at your expense.  Typically there is a 2-7 day delivery time.  Currently I do not accept credit card orders or online sales. 

                     Winter 2018, new online ECommerce website

 *handmade cremation urn palls can be seen in person if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.  Please contact me to make special arrangements.

*cremation urn pall custom work is available - contact Chillon
*pall prices shown do not include insured shipping - to order, contact Chillon (item will be shipped upon receipt of check or money order - unless other arrangements are made)
*palls are 32x32", large enough for ossuary use - smaller sizes available but not shown here
 *urn palls are made with same clergy stole fabric, whites not photographing well

Cremation Urn Palls available:
click on photo for larger image

Cremation Urn Palls - smaller sizes 
(in progress - have yet to be lined, sewn, and finished)

Cremation Urn Pall / Clergy Stole sets 
(in progress - have yet to be lined, sewn, and finished) 


Coverlet / Funeral Casket Pall
(currently in the development stage, similar in style to "Baptism Waters" stoles/palls)
Please contact Chillon  -, (651) 649-1519
price range: $800 - $2,500  

A coverlet is placed over the body (removal bag) at a health care facility and would be used for the "going out" or "leaving" ritual with chaplain, staff and family, on the way to the awaiting hearse.  These coverlets cover the funeral home's body bag, not the deceased's body. 
The handmade coverlet's artwork and design on white or other color fabric, would be more general and ecumenical. Created as a separate piece attached by velcro to a larger lined covering, the handpainted artwork section would be removed for the larger covering to be laundered.  The artwork would then be hung by a dowel inserted within a casing on the back as a piece of art in the care facility's chapel or elsewhere.  Another design will feature the artwork painted directly onto the lined coverlet.  This coverlet is also suitable for use as a funeral casket pall.  Custom matching paraments and cremation urn palls for care facilities available.  Please contact Chillon for commission work.

Church Paraments
(price varies, quotes given within design process)

contact Chillon for custom liturgical textiles - some size constraints apply
nonrefundable down payment applies to all custom handmade liturgical textiles
 all custom (church paraments & cremation urn palls) work is nonreturnable

"I work well with church committees."


"Baptism Waters" Wall Hangings 
These liturgical textiles would be suitable as a personal purchase, baptism, confirmation, wedding, or ordination gift.  Also appropriate as church gifts for staff and members.

white or ivory, 14x11
" painting on fabric, which is then wrapped over 3/4'' stretched canvas 

$125 each + insured shipping (tax, if applicable)
metallic acrylic paintings will vary due to hand painted nature, as on urn palls 
contact Chillon Leach (many are in stock, same fabric as urn palls)