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contemporary art paintings and mixed media art for sale
(paintings are acrylic or watercolor)

New Website, New Work - April 2020

*Please scroll down for information regarding the new "Gem Island" series.

"Swift County Landscapes : Prairie Soul Remembered" - Benson, MN inspired

$425 each, 27 are available for sale

(contact Chillon for details/photos or smaller size artwork not shown)

Grain Elevator series - Benson, MN inspired
25 1/2 x 19 1/2", acrylic on archival paper
individually priced


"Gem Islands", new watercolor series, 
*If interested, please contact me for photos of colors, sizes, and prices. I'm currently in the process of updating my website and these  90+ new pieces aren't all here on my website.  My apologies for the temporary inconvenience and I'm happy to help you find that perfect piece of artwork!  Thank you., (651) 649-1519 

watercolor and ink, handmade paper in various surface textures and thicknesses

(most of the watercolors used are made from genuine gemstones and minerals)

As the paints settle into the rough textures of the paper, the artwork created looks like topographical maps of islands seen from above.  Pen and ink details enhance the various land, mountain, valley, and water attributes.  I imagine these mystical ancient islands to have been created entirely of the gemstones...with additional back stories yet to be developed!

Custom work and illustration reserved rights available.  Suitable for decor, gifts, and / or alternative healing practices.  Various smaller sizes available, yet to be uploaded.

                  All images copyright of the artist, Chillon Leach (C) 2017
Please contact me, , or (651) 649-1519 for additional closeup images or a Skype session to "see" the artwork -- web pages do not clearly show the sparkle and subtleties of the paints used.