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Gallery of Christian Art
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,"Journey with Saint Paul" series - acrylic paintings on canvas.  All art for sale.  This contemporary Christian art acrylic painting series was created while studying Saint Paul's writings, reflecting upon his journeys as a new Christian and contemplating humanity's broader universal journey themes.  These paintings were created using mixed media of volcano ash, gel medium, and found objects.  
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Pastels, Mixed Media Art, Acrylic Paintings
Modern Christian Art
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As a visual artist, inspiration comes from attending church services, being part of a faith community, reading the bible and other relevant literature, while reflecting upon current Christian beliefs and contemplating historical traditions.  As a visual artist, and Christian artist, ideas also come from many sources and inspirations outside of the church environment.  Contemporary art making techniques are used with various art supplies to convey subject matter.  Praying occurs before, during, and after creating Christian art.

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