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Handmade Clergy Stoles 

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Clergy Stoles
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New Website, New Work - April 2020

Currently I'm not creating new designs so I can pursue some new artistic directions.  Commission work will still be available.  Please contact me for information.  Examples shown below are still offered for sale.

Clergy stoles, also known as liturgical stoles, minister stoles, pastor stoles, priest stoles or clerical vestments, are initially given to a pastor or priest upon graduation from any Christian seminary and ordination into ministry.  These pastor, priest, and deacon stoles are also given as gifts from loved ones and congregations or as a personal purchase. 

Painted fabric is the technique employed on these handmade clergy and handmade deacon stoles, which is unique for clerical apparel.  Fabric colors used reflect the traditional church seasons and traditions within each faith community - blue, red, white, purple, and green.  The acrylic fabric paint is applied in layered, rich metallic colors with textures evident in the handpainted brushstrokes on each handpainted, handmade clergy stole.  Inspiration comes from praying throughout the artistic process, traditional seasonal symbols, and research for each faith community.  Appropriate personal interpretations and suitable abstract depictions are part of the design process for these unique, one-of-a-kind pastor and deacon stoles. 

Handmade clergy stoles and deacon stoles shown are designed, painted, and sewn exclusively by Chillon and available immediately for purchase unless otherwise noted.  Duplicate stole designs ordered will be somewhat different due to the handmade nature of the one-of-a-kind painted fabric artwork.  Some of the handmade stoles shown may be altered in length if it doesn't change the overall look.  All clergy stole necklines come to a point in the back - a "V" shape - with a hidden chain for weight.  This chain can be untacked, shortened, and moved, to keep the stole in place when worn.  Clergy stole and deacon stole lengths and widths vary, so please contact me for exact measurements and better closeup photos.

           *handpainted & handmade pastor stoles and deacon stoles are self-lined, polyester/rayon blend fabrics - these liturgical stoles are not washable or drycleanable, but can be gently spot cleaned and ironed carefully on the reverse side.  If damaged, I will try to blend some new painting into the piece to fix the spotted area - free of charge.

*custom work available - contact Chillon (design fees may apply)

*available handmade stoles with prices shown do not include insured mailing costs

                                                                                                 Placing an order

Choose one or more clergy stoles, contact Chillon by email or telephone  or (651) 649-1519.  I will then get your mailing information, and immediately send the clergy stole or deacon stole to you by insured USPS.  This cost will be added to your stole price (currently between $6 - $18 depending on destination).  Overnight delivery is more expensive.  If you like the stole, keep it and send a personal check or money order to me at the address shown on the enclosed receipt.  If the clergy or deacon stole doesn't fit your needs, return to me via insured USPS at your expense.  Typically there is a 2-7 day delivery time.  Currently I do not accept credit cards or online payment methods.

*handmade clergy stoles can be seen in person if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.  Please contact me to make special arrangements.
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*scroll down further to see handmade pastor stoles in progress, chasubles, clergy stole close up photos.


Clergy Stoles in progress 
Currently for sale, these hand made stoles have yet to be sewn.  Many more colors and styles available, please contact me.


Handmade Chasubles for Clergy
contact Chillon for additional information, custom work


Detail photos of handmade clergy stoles