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Chaplain Stoles

Chaplain Stoles
"All are Welcome!"

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(These stoles are not included in the 2018 Spring Sale special)

As I recently developed this type of handmade clergy stoles, I researched and reflected upon the varied ministries of chaplains.  It occurred to me that the ministry of a chaplain can be a very intimate, personal relationship between the chaplain and to whom is being ministered.  The paintings began to take shape with this in mind as I painted on both sides of the stole --- like a spiritual "hug", embracing both the chaplain and the other person, including the healing, safe Spirit within the embrace.  The painting goes up one side, over the neck, down the other side, completing a circle of love and care between the two people....the chaplain being one end, the patient the other completing the circle.  The two sided painting also recalls the ancient eternity symbol of a circle.  

Predominate imagery is reminiscent of paths, rivers, growing plants, passages.  Colors are vibrant and positive, with metallic golds being applied lastly to indicate the hope, grace, and love
in a spiritual ministry.  In most of the chaplain stoles, I also painted layers of beautiful colors, line work, and shapes so that the person to whom is being ministered can use / have a focal point if need be during meditative times or other singular needs.  

Denomination symbols and liturgical seasonal colors are also available.   Commission work available.  All handmade chaplain stole information is the same as the handmade clergy and deacon stole information seen on this website.

Please contact me for more information at
:  or call: (651) 649-1519   Spring 2018, a new ECommerce website!

**I designed the v-neck and curve neck patterns, create all the designs, do all the painting with a paintbrush and acrylic fabric paints, and do all the sewing of these clergy stoles by myself.  All work is one-of-a-kind, even if I try to do a duplicate style.  Praying / reflecting is done throughout the entire process...for the chaplain, the chaplain's ministry, and for those served.

**Contact me if you'd like a photo close-up of a stole, the neckline choices, or the exact measurements.  The chaplain stoles shown below were photographed on a man's somewhat tailored size medium work shirt.


More handmade chaplain stoles are currently in progress, including a narrower, shorter, less expensive chaplain stole version.  Please contact me for more information.